How to analysis the way to using the difference leather when making an leather bag?

The analysis for Various leather materials making handbags
1. It is better not making the hemming with the hard vegetable tanned leather Hard tree bark as much as possible not to do the hemming.
The Reasons: hemming the hard vegetalbe tan leather, it is easy to burst ,ans also the shape is very stiff.
2. IT is better not to fold the split leather when making the handbgs using this kinds of leather, just use the paiting for the edge. Because the split leather is is take from the layer of the leather, and it is not strong as the upper leather for the bags.

3. If using Patent leather for bag, just use it for the do bag body part, if also for an cover ,the bottom of the cover must not be made of patent leather, it is better to sue other leather or cloth instead, Also the surface of the patent leather and oil skin can not be stacked together.
Note: If two layers of patent leather surface overlap will stick together, easy to cause a watermark

4. Sheepskin. Fish skin, pigskin, snake skin, crocodile skin, the force of the position to widen the stress area, lined with Gato soft leather for reinforcement (Sabu)
Description: Mainly to prevent the leather itself is more soft, easy to stretch, burst.

5 to do the second layer of leather bag do not ride a paper scoop straight knife blade, to knife spatula 3/8 wide, shoulder strap enlargement 3/4 first two shovel 1/4 wide knife, and then with the shoulder strap Bottom cohesive correction (including the benefits of all double Pak practice), the end is also enlarged
6. Horse fur, crocodile pattern leather, serpentine skin opening unified downward, with the hand from the top down Shun touch, not up, not the top standard
7. Handle, front and rear sides are not suitable for the middle of the belly with leather material (easy to wrinkle)
8. All the handbags of the bag, long shoulder straps, ear end of the ear, Lee Tsai end, cover the end, can not use the flower skin, crocodile skin (treasure leather material)
Description: The main purpose to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, the use of more soft and comfortable
9. In determining the front and rear pieces can not be broken, to be analyzed in other locations to reduce the loss (such as the paste)
Description: The main purpose is to reduce costs and improve product competitiveness of the offer

10. Normal condition Handle or shoulder strap thickness should be between 3.2M / M-3.4M / M (ie through 1.3-1.4 double-sided folder 0.4 skin bran)
Description: This thickness is more beautiful, moderate hardness and endurance better