How to tell the difference leather for the bags?

In our life, the leather products is full of everywhere.but Not so many poeple can tell the difference of all kinds of leather, genuine leather from the artifical leather .
I will try to tell the main points about the leather, leather bags in difference pages.

“Leather” in the leather market is a common word, is the difference between people is a habit called synthetic leather and natural leather; in the consumer’s perception, the “leather” also has a non-false implications. In fact, leather is leather, which is mainly made by the mammalian skin process. Leather variety, species diversity, different structures, different quality, the price is equal to the poor. Thus, both the leather on all natural leather collectively, the commodity market is a vague identity.
Natural leather according to the type of the main points are pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather, leather horse, donkey leather and kangaroo leather, while a small amount of fish leather, leather, reptiles, amphibians leather, ostrich leather. Which was divided cow leather cattle leather, buffalo leather, leather and Pianniu yak leather, sheep leather and goat leather. According to their level of skin, the first layer of leather and split leather, wherein the first layer of leather with full grain and corrected grain leather; two-story leather pig split leather and another cow split leather. In the main categories of leather, leather cattle and sheep leather, flat surface thin, small hair eye, the inner structure of fine tight, leather body with good fullness and bomb sexy, good physical properties. Thus, superior cattle and sheep leather leather generally used as high-grade leather products, its price is higher in the bulk of the leather category. Leather in many varieties, full grain leather should top the list, because it is made of the finest raw materials disability less Piga work made of leather surface preserved in its natural state, thin coating, can show animal skin natural pattern beauty. It is not only wear, but also has good permeability.
Shaving leather, using buffing machine will surface after light leather finishing mill, then the pressure on the corresponding pattern made of. It is actually a natural with a disability or rough leather surface were “cosmetic.” Such leather almost lost the original surface state, a thicker coating layer, abrasion resistance and permeability less than full-grain leather.
Split leather, thick-skinned sheet paper machine sectional layer obtained, the first layer is used to make full-grain leather or shaving leather, two-story or film series after finishing processes made split leather, its fastness, low resistance to abrasion, leather is the cheapest kind one. However, in different types of leather and the inner structure has similarities in appearance, such as horses and cattle leather, leather, leather yak leather and cattle, donkeys and sheep leather leather, kangaroo leather and calf leather. With the improvement of technology, leather processing, leather and imitation embossed after finishing, can make it beyond recognition, some of the original features are covered, and then through the exquisite tailoring and sewing division, it belongs to exactly what kind of leather, with the naked eye almost illegible. Therefore, we will have fake leather back godsend. The pursuit of profit, very few similarities between the use of different manufacturers of leather appearance, substitution or use in the production mix of approaches, such as the charge horsehide leather, cattle leather filled with yak leather, sheepskin …… . In the business, also commonly hung “leather” or “leather” logo on leather products, individual sales personnel to sell their goods, not detailed description, resulting in customer mistakenly select accidental purchases. Leather is almost a household name, well known, however, lack of knowledge is indeed a lot of people. More professional method described above, Here we introduce some commonly used methods:
First, feel: that touch the leather surface, if smooth, soft, plump, flexible feel is the dermis; and a man-made synthetic leather-like surface sorry Shibuya, rigid, poor flexibility.
Second, seeing: To observe the real leather face a clearer pores, pattern, callte leather have a more symmetrical pores, yak skin has coarse pores and sparse, mountain sheep have scaly pores, pigskin triangular coarse pores, and leather, although imitation of the pores, but not clear.
Third, the smell: all real leather has a leather smell; and PU leather with strong plastic irritating odor.
Fourth, lit: Remove from real leather and artificial leather on the back of a little fiber, lit, who issued a pungent odor, forming knots is leather; who issued the hair smell, it does not bear a hard lump of leather.