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From spots and stains to dust and grime,here are some ways to care for your handbags and maintain their eye appeal and make them more durable and lasting.We say,”immaculate bags make a woman“,that makes sense.Let us start from CARE for your bags !

bag care

“Love your bags,take good care for your bags then !”

> Zippers – Keep your zippers zipping.Rub natural beeswax along the teeth of the zipper to maintain your fasteners grip.


> Leather – Moisturize your leather.Use a leather conditioning cream to stop cracks along the base of your leather bags.


> No bag stuffing – Carry necessities only.Leave the heavy loads to tractor trailers.Your bag and its handles can be stretched beyond repair when you overload it with too many items.Overstuffing can weaken bag stitching as well.


> Suede – Suede is notoriously difficult to clean,so handle this precious leather with care.If your handbag has stiff leather handles,wrap them in cotton strips,to keep the leather away from the supple and fragile suede material.Never use a treatment on suede bags.A stiff suede brush can repair gentle scuffs,but leave the serious stains to professionals.


> Beware of your beauty products – Handbags and beauty products do not mix.Cosmetics,perfume and lotions can cause bag discoloration.Products that beautify your face and body often seep into the skins of your bag and age the materials.
> Dust bag – A leather handbag is sold with a dust bag to protect your investment from dust,dirt and debris.A cotton pillowcase works just as well.


> Patent leather handbag – Patent leather can be cleaned with a small dot of vinegar applied with a soft fabric.Isolate patent leather bags from dark colored bags to prevent discoloration.


> Gimme a handbag break – The everyday handbag is an oxymoron.Just like shoes,bags need a chance to breathe.Do not carry the same bag everyday.Select three handbags for work and daily use,rotate these three purses weekly. If you follow this tip,your bags will last longer…whether you paid 20 dollars or 500 dollars.


> Fabric bags – Fabric bags attract dust more than any other material.Rub them down with a cotton cloth and lint roller before storage.Refrain from using fabric pens and cotton stain sprays for blemish removal.Serious stains require the work of a professional.


> Storage – Retain the shape of your bag with acid free-tissue paper or bubble wrap.Keep bags upright in your closet on a shelf.Do not pile bags on top of each other in the bottom of your closet.Never stuff newspaper or colored tissue inside your handbags.The newsprint and colored ink will discolor the inside of your purse.


> Small bags – Wrap small bags in tissue paper and place in paper boxes for storage.Chain handles should be tucked in bags to prevent creases and broken links.Bags with beads,sequins,crystals and jeweled ornamentation should be stored separately.


> Refresh your handbag’s hardware – If the metal accents on your favorite handbag are scratched,apply a metallic leafing pen to fill in the scratched areas.You can buy this inexpensive pen at craft and art supply stores for couple of dollars.Fill in the scratched hardware with the pen,then let the metal pieces dry for a minimum of two hours.


> Serious stains and grimes – if you are not sure if a cleaning cream will help cleaning the stains and grime on your bag,then you’d better go for the work of a professional in case you may cause further damage and serious discoloration to your leather bags.